Tet taste, Tet aroma with Nalod

A very special Tet season for children living far away from home. For the community, for your family and for yourself, you have decided not to return home to celebrate Tet.

So cheer up, celebrate Tet with Nalod. Tet flavors, Tet meals with more or less feelings of togetherness will be fully served by us at Ocean restaurant, Nalod.

Only 700,000 VND/tray for 02 adults. Children under 6 years old are free. From 6-11 years old with family is charged 245,000 VND/child.
The important thing is that we are reunited with traditional Tet flavors.

The important thing is that Nalod gets to share the wonderful moments of your family, make an effort to share and bring some warmth to the children far away from home on Tet holiday.
Tet menu is served from February 7 – February 12 for lunch and dinner.
Wishing you a safe Tet season and Happy New Year 2024