Wake up and shine. Watch the sun shine over the sea from your private room. Relax overlooking the beach. Miniature bar raid. Immerse yourself in sleep.
Nalod Danang is an easy choice to enjoy comfortable amenities and peace of mind. The only question is; Choose a regular room or a deluxe room?

Superior Twin

  • Room size 19.9 m2
  • Guest 2
Standard bedroom with garden view window and two standard beds
Free Wifi

Connecting room

  • Room size 39.8 m2
  • Guest 4
A standard 2 bed room and a standard 1 large bed room are linked together by 2 locked doors
Free Wifi

Premium Deluxe

  • Room size 33 m2
Large room with 1 standard double bed and lounge chair with tea table for reception
Free Wifi

Deluxe Room

  • Room size 28 m2
  • Guest 2-3
Large room with king size bed
Free Wifi

Triple Room

  • Room size 25.5 m2
  • Guest 3
Standard room with 3 standard single beds
Free Wifi

Suite Room

  • Room size 49.8 m2
  • Guest 2
A large living room and a standard bedroom
Free Wifi